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Wisconsin delegate may lose spot for planning to vote for McCain

Over at AMERICAblog they are talking about Debra Bartoshevich, the traitorous Democratic delegate in Wisconsin that may lose her convention credentials for saying that she intends to vote for John McCain.

“Keeping national delegate status is very important to me,” Debra Bartoshevich said Thursday. “I believe that Hillary is the better candidate of all of them.”

She declined to comment on her previous comment, quoted in the
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, that she would vote for the Republican
McCain in November if the Democratic Party nominated Barack Obama for president.

Wisconsin Democratic party chairman Joe Wineke
said Friday he’s confident Bartoshevich won’t be at the national
convention. Wineke said it’s clear Bartoshevich violated party rules by
failing to honor a pledge of intent to vote for the party’s
presidential ticket in the fall.

She even claims that she joined “Democrats Citizens for McCain”, another one of those “NIKE” groups. NIKE stands for (Never Intended Klinton Ever). These groups are composed primarily of people who claim that if they can’t vote for Hillary Clinton they’ll just have to vote for the person that is least like her in the entire galaxy.

Don’t let her talk her way out of it Wisconsin Dems! Kick her ass to the curb!

She should have turned her credentials in the DAY she joined that NIKE group.

McCain Adviser Sees Benefits of Terrorist Attack to McCain Campaign

File this under, “Conspiracy theorists are made, not born.

“The Bottom Billion”–How to help the poorest billion people in the world.

Deepness.  Ever want to throw your hands up in despair at the state of Africa?

This is a TED Talk by Paul Collier, the author of “The Bottom Billion“, a book about the poorest billion people in the world, many of them concentrated in Africa, and how to really help them, as opposed to simply sending them a bunch of short-term money that leads to long-term dependence.

The best line? “…The two forces that changed the world for good: the alliance of compassion and enlightened self-interest.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

He argues (essentially) that, if those countries worse off continue to go backwards economically even as the world becomes smaller and more socially integrated, it will be a disaster for all of us.

The man almost gives me hope. I hope you’ll stick with it, if for no other reason than to hear him mention the “resource curse“, also known as the “paradox of plenty“) and see if it doesn’t make you think of examples closer to home.

I’ve seen a few of these TED Talks by now and this one has led me to finally bookmark their site. They bill them as “inspired talks by the world’s greatest thinkers and doers”.   Check them out.

Turns out that your son really isn’t gay just to spite you.

My wife is seven months pregnant. So naturally, a friend just sent me a fascinating article on more scientific proof that some gays aren’t gay because television tells them that it’s cool, but because they really are born that way.

Slate magazine reports on more studies that suggest that homosexuality isn’t a choice, or even that it is genetic, but rather may be due to exposure to hormones in the womb. Continue reading

Michelle Obama Knocked ‘Em Dead on The View!

[Cue Scooby-Doo]


Whatever are the right-wingers and PUMA’s and NIKE’s (Never Intended Klinton Ever) going to do when they aren’t able to attack Michelle Obama as the angry blackwoman any more? When they have to show, not a manufactured side of her, but a more complete picture of her? We know she’s strong, intelligent, and confident.

But apparently that provides ammunition for all manner of racists and losers.

So what’s missing? What can she say to temper the cries that she is too black, too educated, too strong?

“It’s fun to look pretty.” – Michelle Obama


(And yes, she actually said that.)   Big ups to Taylor Marsh for the video.

Republican Sock Puppets turn their ire on Doyle AND Gore.

Was over at Taylor Marsh’s site and she has posts up about the Gore endorsement and the supposed anger of some in the HRC camp over her former campaign manager, Patty Solis Doyle, getting named as the to-be-determined future VP’s Chief of Staff. In the comments section, this idiot was snuffling around:

WOW! One loser endorses another loser who highers ANOTHER loser.
To…win? BWAHAHAHAHA! obamalamadingdong, just like he did with
Ayers,Wright and Rezko makes another choice pointing out that it IS in
fact about judgement. BAD judgement! If ever there was a hack candidate
who could turn a bucket of gold into a steaming bucket of shit,
obamalamadingdong is your man!
secularhumanizinevoluter | 06.16.2008

My (slightly edited) response:

I think the jokes on you.

Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee. The winner.

And not that I think you were ever a HRC supporter, but Patty Solis Doyle worked for the Clinton’s for, what, 15 years?

She was there through two terms in the White House and two elections to the Senate. Pretty good record seems to me.

She blew this campaign so, lesson learned: don’t put her in charge of a
Presidential campaign. Instead, she’s going to work with the future
V.P. Sounds perfect for her.

As for Al Gore, he won an Emmy and a Nobel Peace Prize in the same year!

Oh, and he WON the general election in 2000, remember?

The joke is going to be on you and yours in just a very few months,
when you discover what the Clintons already understand–Obama is going
to be a damn fine President of these United States.

But don’t worry–you’ll still get your fair share of good government. Whether you deserve it or not.

I used to worry about these McCain Democrat idiots. But unlike Taylor,
I’ve decided that the whole lot of them would probably fit in a
good-sized minivan.

Sure make a lot of noise, though.

See you in January! Bwahahahaha!


Historian John Hope Franklin on Obama Nomination

I’ve told many people that black folks were as surprised as anyone that a black man, any black man, had a chance at being president anytime soon. And that that lack of faith tempered black support, giving Obama a chance to be seen not as just the “black candidate” (or should I say the, “black’s candidate”?), but as a candidate that is black. And it made all of the difference.

Kevin Levin over at the blog, Civil War Memory, put up a very brief video response from historian John Hope Franklin on the matter.

Listening to the excitement of this 88 year-old black man helps me better understand the frustration of some older women over Hillary Clinton’s loss of the nomination.

Go check it out.

Sen. John McCain’s Australian Doppelganger

The War is Over: Hillary Clinton, Harriet Christian, and Hiroo Onoda

Ever hear the stories of the Japanese soldiers that never surrendered after WWII?

Lt. Hiroo Onoda was one of them. He entered the war at the very end of 1945 at 23 years old and was sent to a small mountainous island in the Phillipines. There he was told to NEVER give up until his superior officers came for him. Sometime soon after, he ended up, along with a few other soldiers, isolated and in hiding.

And when the war ended, they never knew.  Continue reading

She wants to be Prez in 2012. So she wants Veep 2008

And the VP slot is the second best place to run for it FROM.

But don’t forget that Bill will have to be vetted, too.

They are an anchor on this ticket.

Just too much can be made of it.

ALL of the Clinton’s past issues PLUS Obama issues, PLUS the black man/white woman/Bill the impeached ex-president issue?

It’ just too much.

It is Hillary’s JOB to bring her supporters over. That’s what the loser does. She doesn’t need to be VP to do that.

Someone should ask her if she intends to do her JOB.