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It’s time to stop pretending that Bill Clinton is running for President.

We all think Bill Clinton is great.

If Bill Clinton could run, he would have won by now.

The simple truth is that Hill is not Bill.

Her attempt to run on his record never quite worked.

The Clinton’s are NOT racist and have been very supportive of black people. Most black people would agree with that statement. This one sure would.

And we’re real grateful for the fact that the Clinton’s don’t hate black people and all.

But there’s a price to be paid for ACTING like a racist. For saying racist shit. For winking and nodding at racist shit.

And the price that the Clinton’s paid is that *all* American’s took a closer look at Obama. And they liked what they saw.

So eight years in the White House for the Clinton family is just going to have to be enough gratitude.


3 Responses

  1. Obama is obviously using the race card because he has a lot to gain and nothing to lose.

    Think about it, black people want racism to exist because they can use it as an excuse for everything, and because blacks are the biggest beneficiaries if racism exists.

    How exactly would white people benefit from racism?

    … just imagine if there was a White History Month. I believe that Black History Month just causes more segregation and racism. it should be changed into American History Month.

    Blacks tend to be more racist because they can get away with it easier. They like to preach their 200 year old slave propaganda to take advantage of people.

    And remember it was Obama’s church and racist pastor for over 20 years who claimed “God DAMN America!!!”.

    Are you automatically racist if you disagree with a black person??

  2. Jacob,

    Obama isn’t playing the race card. It’s not even in his best interests to play the race card. Lots of Republicans would LOVE for him to play the race card.

    But it ain’t gonna happen. If he could, Obama would never mention race ever during the campaign.

    The biggest beneficiaries of racism in this country has been white people. That’s why it was called black slavery.

    That’s what Jim Crow was about.


    Poll Tax.


    And there is a White History Month. It’s called any month that isn’t February. Oh!, and February.

    You’re not automatically a racist if you disagree with black people, but you are if you disagree because you’re a racist. See how that works?


    Thanks for pointing out that there are racist black people, TOO!

    I did not know that.

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