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Clinton Supporters, do you deny that Hillary is willing to destroy the party to get the nomination?

On another post, I stated my opinion that “these Clintons” are are willing to destroy our chances in the General Election to win the nomination.

A Clinton supporter has just suggested that I am being deceived by the MSM into believing that these Clintons are different than the ones that I supported for so many years.

The poster said that I’ve fallen prey to MSM distortions of the Clintons as racist and as attackers of Obama, as if I can’t see with my own eyes what is happening.

Here is my response:

The MSM is not “spinning” the fact that the Hillary Clinton was okay with Michigan and Florida delegates not being counted until she decided that she needed them.

Until her arrogant, uppity, over-confident plan to see the contest over by “February 5th” didn’t work out.

Do you deny it?

Bill Clinton said that the Republican Party cares more about counting votes than his own Democratic Party.

Do you deny it?

Hillary Clinton is whipping the Floridians into a frenzy with talk about how the Democratic Party wants to not count their votes and cheat her of the nomination.

Do you deny it?

Hillary Clinton actually suggested to people that maybe if the Democratic Party didn’t want to count their votes that the Republican Party would love to have them.

I took that to mean if the Dems don’t count your vote, vote Republican.

Do you deny it?

Hillary Clinton at best, callously, and at worst, viciously, shoehorned into her talking points the assassination of Robert Kennedy to further her pathetic case that she should stay in the race when she is losing the contest by EVERY measurable metric.

Do you deny it?

Finally, as a bonus, NOTHING that Hillary Clinton has shown in this campaign–not fundraising ability, not money management, not debates, not winning of new voters, not winning of pledged delegates, not winning of super delegates, not winning of states, not winning of caucuses, not ground game, and especially not campaign management, has shown that she has the ABILITY to win the General Election. Nothing at all.

Do you deny this?

Please notice that none of the above mentions attacks on Obama or racism.

The attacks on the Democratic Party and the democratic process ALONE are enough to make anyone scream.


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