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Republican Sock Puppets turn their ire on Doyle AND Gore.

Was over at Taylor Marsh’s site and she has posts up about the Gore endorsement and the supposed anger of some in the HRC camp over her former campaign manager, Patty Solis Doyle, getting named as the to-be-determined future VP’s Chief of Staff. In the comments section, this idiot was snuffling around:

WOW! One loser endorses another loser who highers ANOTHER loser.
To…win? BWAHAHAHAHA! obamalamadingdong, just like he did with
Ayers,Wright and Rezko makes another choice pointing out that it IS in
fact about judgement. BAD judgement! If ever there was a hack candidate
who could turn a bucket of gold into a steaming bucket of shit,
obamalamadingdong is your man!
secularhumanizinevoluter | 06.16.2008

My (slightly edited) response:

I think the jokes on you.

Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee. The winner.

And not that I think you were ever a HRC supporter, but Patty Solis Doyle worked for the Clinton’s for, what, 15 years?

She was there through two terms in the White House and two elections to the Senate. Pretty good record seems to me.

She blew this campaign so, lesson learned: don’t put her in charge of a
Presidential campaign. Instead, she’s going to work with the future
V.P. Sounds perfect for her.

As for Al Gore, he won an Emmy and a Nobel Peace Prize in the same year!

Oh, and he WON the general election in 2000, remember?

The joke is going to be on you and yours in just a very few months,
when you discover what the Clintons already understand–Obama is going
to be a damn fine President of these United States.

But don’t worry–you’ll still get your fair share of good government. Whether you deserve it or not.

I used to worry about these McCain Democrat idiots. But unlike Taylor,
I’ve decided that the whole lot of them would probably fit in a
good-sized minivan.

Sure make a lot of noise, though.

See you in January! Bwahahahaha!



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