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Wisconsin delegate may lose spot for planning to vote for McCain

Over at AMERICAblog they are talking about Debra Bartoshevich, the traitorous Democratic delegate in Wisconsin that may lose her convention credentials for saying that she intends to vote for John McCain.

“Keeping national delegate status is very important to me,” Debra Bartoshevich said Thursday. “I believe that Hillary is the better candidate of all of them.”

She declined to comment on her previous comment, quoted in the
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, that she would vote for the Republican
McCain in November if the Democratic Party nominated Barack Obama for president.

Wisconsin Democratic party chairman Joe Wineke
said Friday he’s confident Bartoshevich won’t be at the national
convention. Wineke said it’s clear Bartoshevich violated party rules by
failing to honor a pledge of intent to vote for the party’s
presidential ticket in the fall.

She even claims that she joined “Democrats Citizens for McCain”, another one of those “NIKE” groups. NIKE stands for (Never Intended Klinton Ever). These groups are composed primarily of people who claim that if they can’t vote for Hillary Clinton they’ll just have to vote for the person that is least like her in the entire galaxy.

Don’t let her talk her way out of it Wisconsin Dems! Kick her ass to the curb!

She should have turned her credentials in the DAY she joined that NIKE group.