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Sen. John McCain’s Australian Doppelganger


The War is Over: Hillary Clinton, Harriet Christian, and Hiroo Onoda

Ever hear the stories of the Japanese soldiers that never surrendered after WWII?

Lt. Hiroo Onoda was one of them. He entered the war at the very end of 1945 at 23 years old and was sent to a small mountainous island in the Phillipines. There he was told to NEVER give up until his superior officers came for him. Sometime soon after, he ended up, along with a few other soldiers, isolated and in hiding.

And when the war ended, they never knew.  Continue reading

She wants to be Prez in 2012. So she wants Veep 2008

And the VP slot is the second best place to run for it FROM.

But don’t forget that Bill will have to be vetted, too.

They are an anchor on this ticket.

Just too much can be made of it.

ALL of the Clinton’s past issues PLUS Obama issues, PLUS the black man/white woman/Bill the impeached ex-president issue?

It’ just too much.

It is Hillary’s JOB to bring her supporters over. That’s what the loser does. She doesn’t need to be VP to do that.

Someone should ask her if she intends to do her JOB.

Soooo. For how long do you think she’s known?

I’m not in unity mode, yet.

I support the Democratic Party, but I can’t get over the idea that we’ve been held hostage. That she’s known for weeks and has just been padding her stats and worst of all, sinking her hooks deeper and deeper into her “supersupporters” (I just saw that term in another thread). Continue reading

Clinton Supporters, do you deny that Hillary is willing to destroy the party to get the nomination?

On another post, I stated my opinion that “these Clintons” are are willing to destroy our chances in the General Election to win the nomination.

A Clinton supporter has just suggested that I am being deceived by the MSM into believing that these Clintons are different than the ones that I supported for so many years.

The poster said that I’ve fallen prey to MSM distortions of the Clintons as racist and as attackers of Obama, as if I can’t see with my own eyes what is happening.

Here is my response:

The MSM is not “spinning” the fact that the Hillary Clinton was okay with Michigan and Florida delegates not being counted until she decided that she needed them.

Until her arrogant, uppity, over-confident plan to see the contest over by “February 5th” didn’t work out.

Do you deny it? Continue reading

Are these Clintons the same Clintons we thought we were voting for?

Upfront, let me say I support Barack Obama. And have since sometime shortly after Iowa.

But I was a Clinton supporter before I was an Obama supporter.

I had a ton of respect for both Bill and Hillary. My friends and I joked that if Bill decided to run again we’d vote for him for a third time and figure out the Constitutional issues later.

We were appalled by the maneuvering of the Republicans during his presidency and duly hated the (very real) vast right-wing conspiracy.

I believe that history will judge him as a great president. Continue reading

It’s time to stop pretending that Bill Clinton is running for President.

We all think Bill Clinton is great.

If Bill Clinton could run, he would have won by now.

The simple truth is that Hill is not Bill.

Her attempt to run on his record never quite worked.

The Clinton’s are NOT racist and have been very supportive of black people. Most black people would agree with that statement. This one sure would.

And we’re real grateful for the fact that the Clinton’s don’t hate black people and all.

But there’s a price to be paid for ACTING like a racist. For saying racist shit. For winking and nodding at racist shit.

And the price that the Clinton’s paid is that *all* American’s took a closer look at Obama. And they liked what they saw.

So eight years in the White House for the Clinton family is just going to have to be enough gratitude.